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What content do I need to provide in order to build my website?

All brochures, logos, company colors, marketing pieces, "about us" and company "mission statements", pictures of business/products, a list and description of all products/services provided by your company, and contact information.

In what form should this material be provided?

Ideal proper content would consist of digital images on disk, (in jpeg, psd, tiff, eps, or ai format), text copy (your "about us", "company mission statement", or any other text information) on disk, (preferably in Word format).

If this is not possible, then clear photos or brochures may be used for our development team to scan and optimize. If digital content is not received, additional fees may be included to cover the expense of content preparation.

Will I be able to view my website as it is being developed?

Yes. Your website will be available to view throughout the developmental stages.

You will receive a "preview address" from our coordinators to view your website as it is being developed. This way you will be able to make change requests during the developmental process.

How do I get a high ranking in the search engines for my website?

The following are among the several things that we can do to optimize and increase your chances of higher search engine rankings.

Make sure the metatags/keywords that are in your website are highly applicable to the content throughout your site.
Most importantly is to include you company name and "keyword phrase" in the title tag of your website.


Desktop & Web Design Services

Last Update:February 2013